Model Behavior DVDs

WARNING: The following videos contain explicit female nudity and sexually suggestive situations.  Viewer discretion is advised!

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"...[A] fun, sexy, and surprisingly artistic look at what is involved in doing an adult photo shoot with 13 models, loads of lingerie, imaginative props and backgrounds...Guys who have dreamed about being a photographer for Playboy or Penthouse will love this DVD." - Karen Belcher, Pro Wrestling Digest

"Like watching Benny Hill meets The Girls Next Door." - Brett Schwan, Wrestling Clothesline

"The second installment in the Model Behavior DVD franchise rises above the first installment 100 times over...This DVD turned out to be much more entertaining than I thought it would be and was very well produced.  I do recommend it to someone who is looking for a change of pace from shoot interviews, and wrestling DVDs." - Crazy Larry,

DVD Two builds on the accomplishments of its predecessor while raising the bar as to what viewers can expect from an independently-made video release. 

Eighteen months in the making.  Thirteen models.  Two photo studios.  One hotel room.  One nice belly dancer.  One very naughty cancan dancer.  One pair of handcuffs (real!).  One sword (very real!).  Two pistols (fake!).  Five tributes to Marilyn Monroe in THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH.  One extremely naughty tribute to Marilyn etc.  One snake.  One hamster -- okay, maybe two.  Couple of cigars.  One smoke machine.  One floor fan.  Too many garter belts to count. 

And that's just the main video!  You also get:

  • Audio commentary from the models and photographers
  • Talent biographies and photo galleries
  • Bonus footage, including hilarious deleted scenes and bloopers
  • English subtitles
  • Uncensored online commercials (the stuff you won't see on YouTube...)
  • EXCLUSIVE Video iPod-ready version of the video!  No ripping/recoding necessary.

DVD Two is currently available exclusively through Stiff Shots Photography for only US$15.00 (plus US$3.00 shipping/handling).

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The inaugural Model Behavior DVD follows Stiff Shots Photography from photo studio to party mansion as we put a collection of models and wrestlers through their paces.  Features:
  • Talent biographies and photo galleries
  • English subtitles
  • Hidden bonus footage

DVD One is available for US$15.00 (plus shipping/handling) exclusively from RF Video.

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